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“Leadership is not about leading people. It’s about influencing them. In order to influence them, first you have to connect with them.” ~ Angela W. Stillwell

A partial list of organizations Angela has worked with:

Helping businesses and professionals, just like you, create deeper connections that impact your bottom line and your overall success.

Consulting, Coaching, and VIP Days

You know you need something, but maybe you’re not sure what that is yet. Let’s see if we’re a fit. 

Workshops & Programs

Businesses and individuals have one major need in common – building relationships. Check out the workshops and programs that focus specifically on that.


You need a speaker – someone who can connect with your audience, guide them to build better relationships, and focus on what matters – results.

Podcast & Blog

Check out what’s on Angela’s mind: podcast, blog posts, videos, and more…


“The intensive helped me make some much needed changes.  I had become stagnant in some areas of my life and it allowed me to focus on what  truly want/need in my life.  It allowed me to see the resistance for what it is …resistance!  Understanding why and changing! What’s different? Physically – lost weight, Mentally – self talk is consistently positive, Emotionally – more balance, Spiritually – sharing “my light/power” throughout my life, and Financially – somehow I have more money but no increase in my salary; making better fiscal decisions.” ~ Mary Roach



“Thank you so much for taking the time to come and meet with our group!  We have had many speakers, but your incredible energy level, and inspiring message, were among the best!  Not only did you help us learn how to relate to one another as a team, you helped us understand the most effective way to express our appreciation to our teammates, and clients alike.  The insights that we gained through your presentation, have not only helped me in building my business, but also in personal relationships.  I know that we all look forward to our next opportunity to learn from you!!” ~ Sarah Allen


“As a sales person for 20 plus years, I was hitting a wall and not performing to the success that I was once before. Angela helped me get refocused and regain my confidence so that the strategies she gave me helped get me back on track and performing even better than before. I am grateful for her help!” ~ Mark Strittmatter

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