Angela W. Stillwell is a business advisor, coach, speaker, and founder of Untapped Strengths, where she helps businesses, organizations, and professionals create deeper connections with their audiences that impact their bottom lines and overall success.

For the last three decades, since completing her MBA at Winthrop University, Angela has been working in sales, marketing, and business development. She has helped executives shift into new careers, sales teams perform better, and businesses grow to six and seven figures plus.

Angela is also the creator of Vulnerability Warrior, an online program for people going through major transitions–such as career changes, divorce, or the death of a loved one–who are seeking to achieve higher levels of personal success. She is a workshop leader, a keynote speaker, the host of the Untapped Strengths with Angela W. Stillwell podcast, and she has been a guest on several podcasts and online summits, such as Thriveology, Shower Epiphanies, Breakfast Leadership, The Millionaire’s Lawyer, Graceful Healing Podcast, Entrepreneurship 101, Hope to Hope ConferenceInternational Life Masters Summit, and more.

She lives in Georgia with her Great Dane and horse, and can frequently be found on the tennis court, trying new foods, or traveling.

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